Change the World 2016

rotaract global mun in new york un headquarters

Applications deadline for New York 2016 UN Headquarters

As we are getting closer to the unique experience that we are preparing for our Country Delegates at the United Nations Headquarters, the 2016 Rotaract Global ModelUN at Change the World has a deadline for applications.

We will keep the applications open until Sunday, the 14th of February 2016 midnight GMT.

It was a difficult job for our chairs to read all the applications so far but also very energizing experience when so many amazing youth all around the world are up for the best debates in High Commission for Refugees right in the UN Headquarters.

Apply here now and secure your participation in New York this year.

The proposed topics for Debates on the High Commission for Refugees

1. Threats to International Peace and Security Caused by Terrorist Acts

2. The Impact of Social Media on Democracy

3. Media Effects during Violent Conflict: Evaluating Media Contributions to Peace Building

Rotaract Global MUN Young professionalsDress code

We require delegates to wear Western Business Attire (WBA), as dressing professionally is an important way to show respect for the nation, organization, or individual one is representing, as well as for the rest of one’s committee.

Fun facts

As Model UN has become more well-known, numerous references to the activity have appeared in popular culture. At times inaccurate, the depiction of or reference to the activity in the mainstream media and the entertainment industry, in such shows as Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, and Jeopardy!, raises the profile of Model UN, and shows how it is perceived, while also shaping the perception of the public in the process.

Looking forward to meet all of you in New York City at the RotaractMUN @ Change the World 2016.

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