Change the World 2016
Rotaract Global MUN
Beirut, Lebanon
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Rotaract Global Model United Nations

The message of the Secretary General

Welcome to the 2016 Change the World Model United Nations, welcome to this amazing experience, welcome to Rotaract Global MUN at Change the World New York 2016!

My name is Alessandro Dimaiuta and I am the Executive Director of CWMUN and Secretary – General of CWMUN NYC. I attended my first Model UN conference in 2007 and since then I have been totally involved in this stimulating world. From 2012 I lead the delivery and project management of all worldwide CWMUN conferences, as a flagship platform for the knowledge of the United Nations working method. Under Secretary-General in 2012, Secretary-General in 2013, 2014, 2015 CWMUN New York City and CWMUN Emirates. Rotary Global Peace and Leadership World Peace Forum 

The 2016 Change the World Model UN NYC, thanks to the fantastic work done by Adrian Dan Pop, Valentina Battista and Francesco Carcione whom I officially thank on behalf of the Executive board of CWMUN and of the Presidential panel of Associazione Diplomatici, will be the first edition to host another Model UN and the only Model UN in the world to take place entirely at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC. The senior Secretariat since the begging was 100% sure that Global Rotaract MUN was the perfect match to Change the World as we both share the same mission, the endorsement of the preparation of all attendants to acquire knowledge and high level skills put to use in the future, including possession of tools for the understanding of global dynamics and their interpretation, and the ability to relate and build links with the globalized world in which we live in the respect of cultures, political opinions, and value systems other than their own.

Model UN are all about this, different points of view on the same issues and finding a solution that works for all. Dialogue, ideas, positive leadership, resolutions, tolerance, democracy, legality, and respect: these are the fundamental elements of a Model UN and must certainly be the fundamental aspects of our everyday behaviour. You will all remember this experience as one of the best of your entire life. Being able to reach consensus through negotiation will help you in all your future experiences. As future generation of managers and leaders it is our duty to create and obtain a worldwide improvement and the only way to do so it is to give our 100% in everything we do with loyalty and diligence preferring the interest of the community to our.

You’re joining a great team of co-delegates. Several followed us for over two years in our Conferences around the world and several have joined the team in the past months. So, we have a good range of content and fresh viewpoints that make working together a rich experience. Everyone on the team worked, and is still working, really hard to create the best ModelUN experience possible and as Secretary – General of this conference it is my main duty to make this happen. I am sure you will all impressed them with your energy, enthusiasm and your track record of working hard and smart.

Good work to you all. See you all at the United Nations!

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Guest Speakers

Sebastiano Cardi

Ambassador of the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations

Salvatore Carrubba

President of Future Leaders Society, former Editor in Chief of Sole 24 Ore

Paolo Magri

Vice Excutive President of ISPI – 2016 Report from ISPI “Le nuove crepe della governance mondiale”

Marco Tardelli

CWMUN Goodwill Ambassador

Lucio Caracciolo

Editor-in-Chief Limes

Letizia Moratti

President of CWMUN, Chairman E4Impact Foundation, Co-founder San Patrignano Foundation

Helen Clark

USG Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme

Giuseppe Scognamiglio

Editor-in-Chief EastWest

Enrico Letta

Former Italian Prime Minister

Cristina Gallach

USG for Communication and Public Information

Claudio Corbino

Founder & CEO of Associazione Diplomatici and CWMUN

Andrea Pirlo

2006 World Cup Championship winner

Andrea Caschetto

Worldwide orphanages activist

The Secretariat

Natalia Hermida


Joshika Saraf




Day 1
18 Mar 2016
Day 2
19 Mar 2016

Lunch Break

Day 3
20 Mar 2016

Lunch Break


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