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lifetime experiences with Model United Nations

“Amazing Model United Nations experience in an amazing cities! Very nice and professional venues, experienced chairs, interesting lecturers, great organization and wonderful UN presentation!”


“Fantastic experience, great to meet so many students like myself from different nationalities too. The experience is far more fun representing a Security Council member state however, as I did the last time being there. Though representation of some member states can be difficult to prove convincing, but it’s part of the ModelUN challenge.
Other than that, highly fun, with an application towards real world career prospects!”


“A true, character-building crash course in diplomacy, negotiation and how to attempt to realize the wish to make the world better, not only by being aware of the past but keeping in mind the future we can build. Sad to be graduating and leaving this conference behind, but happy to leave a legacy of six consecutive outstanding delegation awards. I will miss you dearly MUN.”


“Been to three MUN conferences so far. One in Washington, D.C. and 2 in New York City. I’ve loved every second of the experiences I’ve had. I’ve made connections and friends with people all over the world thanks to Model United Nations. I can’t wait to hopefully go to the Czech Republic this fall!”


“Trying to build a better world is everyone’s one wish… finding a consensus in how to reach this objective is a real life challenge…that’s why ModelUN is a wonderful learning platform in international diplomacy – Honduras Delegation”


“Participating in the Model United Nations makes one realize just how much the UN is committing trying their best to create the first step – the first YET most difficult and heavy step – to make the world a better place, and by trying to do it yourself, you’d come to respect the efforts of the predecessors for all these years.
One would realize just how much work you need to do to just get your wishes/ the well-being of the world to come into place: diplomacy (compete, convince, discuss and compromise), foresight (past, present, future) and empathy (with involved persons).
NMUN is like a roller coaster: you experience a lifetime’s worth of stuff in just one week. But since it’s worth a lifetime, you’d come out feeling and thinking like a different person who entered the room before.
Life-changing experience? Definitely.”


“The Model United Nations is one of the greatest establishments on earth with the goals of broadening horizons of youths coming from different background, ideologies and personal ideals. It shows the need to do more and in essence the platform for growth and development for bright minds. Memories of being a delegate of this proud establishment cannot die.”


“Great opportunity to meet ambitious people with amazing ideas and plans! I learned so much about world of diplomacy and had fun as well! Apply for ModelUN Conferences asap!”


“Great opportunity to extend your knowledge, gain practical experience and meet amazing people from all around with whom you share similar interests!”


“My first ModelUN was at the age of 15, I was volunteer in Security Council, that was the moment when my life turned upside down in the best possible way. I enjoy MUN every year, every second of it. I have tree words: JUST MUN IT!”

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