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How to become the NEXT Rotaract Global Model United Nations organizer?

If you want to join us in raising awareness on the role of young people in the decision-making process, if you are willing to commit to the values we are promoting: professionalism, integrity and excellence and if you wish to carry on the legacy of Rotaract Global Model United Nations, we warmly welcome you as the Sofia Serdika Team 2016 Rotaract Global Model United Nations Ambassador.

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Any Rotaract Club is eligible to enter in the competition for organizing the next year’s Rotaract Global Model United Nations. Based on the strategy to promote excellence in education, professionalism in organization and integrity in performance, we aim to carry on this legacy to the future Rotaract Global Model United Nations conferences. In a nutshell, the Ambassador is any Rotaract Club who expresses in written the desire to organize the next Rotaract International Model United Nations.

The Ambassador’s mission and responsibility

The Ambassador’s central mission is to become the organizer of the next Rotaract Global Model United Nations. In order to achieve this goal, the Ambassador has to agree with the following criteria:

  • The Ambassador (the Rotaract Club) agrees to sign a partnership contract with Sofia Serdika RAC Club (the organizer of the 2016 edition), under which all duties and responsibilities between the two Clubs are stipulated as noted here.
  • The Ambassador must formulate a PR strategy for promoting Sofia Serdika 2016 Rotaract International Model United Nations in their respective countries, networks and contexts.
  • The Ambassador is encouraged to attract a culturally diverse group of participants, from all corners of the world to Sofia Serdika 2016. This diversity is going to be one of the most important selection criterion because it will show us how committed you are to this project. More information will be offered upon acceptance of your application.
  • The Ambassador is advised to attend this year event, but is not obliged to.
  • The Ambassador must reveal creativity, innovation, a team-player spirit and responsibility in respect to this project and the PR strategy submitted to Rotaract Global Model United Nations’ Board of Members and Secretary General.
  • The Ambassador must submit a draft project proposal for Rotaract Global Model United Nations 2017 after Sofia Serdika RotaractMUN is officially opened. The proposal must follow the guidelines and vision of this event, but can also add-up its own knowledge and know-how. More information on the project proposal structure is available on request.
  • rotaract global model united nations international youth conferenceThe Ambassador, after the selection procedure, is obliged to join a training session with the previous organizers of the conference (Secretariat and Organizing Committee).
  • The selected future organizer will guarantee continuity to RotaractMUN after the 2016 edition and accept the guidance and patronage of Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare. This applies to all future editions.
  • Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare reserves the right to participate in all future editions of RotaractMUN as a passive observer giving guidance and advice upon request. This is to ensure high standards and continuity.
  • The previous RotaractMUN organizer and secretariat, for example edition 2016, will evaluate and give feedback on the next RotaractMUN project, the 2017 edition, and so on with each subsequent editions.

The Rotaract Global Model United Nations 2017 organizing Rotaract Club will be selected based on the criteria mentioned above and after a public selection process that will take place after the Sofia Serdika Rotaract Global MUN 2016

Please be aware that we only accept one Ambassador application per Rotaract Club.

We are waiting for your enthusiasm and devotion!

Join us in this vision and shape the future of Rotaract Global Model United Nations!