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The History of Rotaract Global Model United Nations

What is Rotaract Global Model United Nations?


The story of Rotaract Global Model UN (or RotaractMUN) started in 2013 when several young and ambitions members from Rotaract Club Baia Mare Team gathered forces to achieve something impossible… to change the world by shaping the hearts and minds of others like them. Their vision was to be embraced by many young leaders from around the world and a mere dream became reality. In 2016 RotaractMUN has the distinguished privilege to be organized at the UN Headquarters in New York which is a testament of its success and highlights the visionary ambitions of its founders. RotaractMUN gives young people from all over the world the chance to have their voices heard at the UN. Be a part of your (our) future today!

Each edition of RotaractMUN takes place in a different country and is organized by a different Rotaract Club (Rotary in Action Programme). This is your chance to participate in an internationally renowned conference, having received the recognition of Rotary International and the UN! Get ready and send your bid to organize the next edition of Rotaract Global Model UN by contacting us!

Rotaract Global Model UN Editions: 

Save the dates and see you all in March and July 2016 in New York and Sofia!

General information

Following the historical structure of the United Nations mechanism and its procedures, Rotaract Global Model United Nations aims to bring young people’s solutions to global problems to the attention of the UN. To achieve this dream, Rotaract Global Model United Nations promotes excellence in education, professionalism in organization and integrity in performance.

In general and depending on the body in which each participant decides to work, different topics of international importance will be discussed and debated based on strict rules of procedures which will be implemented by the Secretariat. Each participant has the possibility to express the views and interests of the country he/she represents. Therefore, besides accumulating strong knowledge of global issues, participants will also master: the art of negotiation, public speaking using the official UN language and using the procedural mechanisms set in motion by the UN.

Rotaract Global Model United Nations transcends from a mere simulation to an actual youth decision-making process. It goes beyond a simple conference and ensure that the outcomes of your discussions and debates are presented, edited and transmitted in a clear and concise manner to the regional and international decision-making bodies (such as EU and UN) and the world at large. Through this novel and innovative approach, Rotaract Global Model United Nations brings a new vision to the MUN Network and to the other conferences of this type.

Besides the chance to get trained as a young diplomat, Rotaract Global Model United Nations grants you the opportunity to explore different cultures and test your interpersonal and intercultural dialogue skills. Participants may come alone, but will discover an ocean of possibilities in establishing friendships with other participants. Rotaract Global Model United Nations is waiting for young enthusiastic, visionary and self-motivated people to join their team!

More information about the vision and mission of Rotaract Global Model United Nations can be found under the Concept section.

Your voice will reach the desks of United Nations!

Rotaract Global Model United Nations Founders:

  • Dan Ungureanu / dan.ungureanu [@]
  • Adrian Dan Pop / adrian.pop [@]