Change the World 2016


Maxton R. Scotland




I am delighted to be attending the special edition of the Rotaract Global MUN United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNCHR) in March 2016. I am Maxton R. Scotland and I have benefited from both West Indian and British education.

Currently an MSc student at London Metropolitan University while also enjoying a challenging career in communications, I was previously a British Military linguist. I now spend most of my free time engaging in erudite global discussions with young people about how we can work together to change the world we live in.

My formal schooling in a cosmopolitan Caribbean society has certainly made me aware of cultural differences, but it has also instilled within me a greater appreciation for both differences and commonalities, in addition to the challenges presented by promoting a culture of peace and mutual understanding. It is against this backdrop that I actively seek to engage in youth empowerment and equality.

With increasing global interaction as a result of globalization and trade liberalization, it is imperative that individuals are equipped with the necessary skills to effectively navigate around the cultural and ideological problems that arise as a result.

I became involved with Rotaract Global Model United Nations in 2014, when I attended my first conference in London. It was there that my thirst for continuous global youth engagement on world affairs became unquenchable, and I have since attended the 2015 conference in Belgrade, Serbia, the World Summit of Peace Laureates.

A voracious reader, I also love to socialise and learn from others. My favorite quote is “The revolution is not like an apple that falls when it’s ripe, you have to make it fall” by Che Guevara.

I, like many others, would like to see the world humanized. Rotaract Global Model United Nations provides a unique platform for us to tell our stories, share our knowledge and build bridges that will one day help in shaping our world country by country. I look forward to meeting many of you in New York next year.