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Tips for a perfect Position Paper at Model United Nations

Dear Country Delegates: For Rotaract MUN at Change the World New York in the United Nations Headquarters the professionalism is the key aspect in everything we all do.

The research and the preparation of the position papers are two very important steps before attending any Model United Nations event with high standards.

We always recommend to our delegates to learn as much as they can about their country direct from the source and visit the representative missions of their country or any cultural institute or organization.

From technical point of view, here are important tips for you to write the best position paper, better then a UN Delegation itself

Background on Topic

Clear description of the topic
Previous UN documents and resolutions with dates
Prominent actors and victims
Citable statistics and facts


Country’s current position
Include several (2-4)quotes from prominent officials i.e., Committee officials, government officials, and UN
Reference with quotes to reputable documents (1-2)
Statistics (1-3)

Suggested Resolutions

Current functioning strategies in place
New strategies based on previous strategies that are nonfunctional
Ways to improve or address the issue based on country’s wishes

Format Page

Length: 1-2 pages with 1 inch margins
Font size 12pt, double spaced
Three in-text citations with Works Cited MLA style
Proper heading: Country, committee, topic, etc.

Grammar and Punctuation

Correct tense use
Correct spelling
Extra Point for Appropriate language (for UN setting)

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